By progressively planning, coordinating with City departments, procuring grant funding, and assisting economic development, the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency proactively works to preserve and improve existing neighborhoods and to attract new development.

Proactive Planning Improves Your City

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency is committed to preserving and improving existing urban neighborhoods and attracting new development. Our staff works to proactively procure grant funds and coordinate the efforts of multiple City of Norwalk departments to bring transformative projects to fruition.

Transit-Oriented Development

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is an urban design approach that focuses on high density development with a mix of residential and commercial land uses situated around public transit stations. TOD creates neighborhoods with lifestyle amenities close to transit, making them convenient and appealing places to live, work, and visit. The neighborhood surrounding the South Norwalk Railroad Station is a major priority for TOD as the station sits just blocks from the heart of SoNo. This area already provides vital infrastructure for commuters, many of whom prefer to walk or bike to and from the station.

New and Mixed-Use Development

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency actively seeks to attract mixed-use developments, such as the Waypointe District which offers stores and restaurants on the ground floor and apartment or offices above. Exciting new developments of this type are transforming the appeal of the City’s Urban Core neighborhoods of South Norwalk, West Avenue South and North, and Wall Street. Projects Page


The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency’s Connectivity Initiative is focused on weaving all developments from Wall Street to South Norwalk into an integrated urban fabric. Our Connectivity Master Plan provides a conceptual framework for a more walkable, bikable, and transit-friendly Urban Core. Implementation of the Master Plan is under way with a number of grants already secured and others being actively pursued. Progress to date includes planted medians north and south of the I-95 overpass, new bike racks throughout the corridor, and a dedicated bike lane in the Wall Street neighborhood.

High-Quality Housing Options

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency is committed to creating high-quality housing for people across a wide range of household sizes and incomes. Having a range of housing options near places of business mitigates traffic congestion, reduces urban sprawl, and helps contain costs associated with road maintenance. Norwalk’s Workforce Housing Regulation requires a certain percentage of new multi-family housing developments to be affordable to low- or moderate-income families. In addition, The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency offers residential rehabilitation support through its Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program and the South Norwalk Renovation Program.

Historic Preservation & Restoration

Historic Preservation was the foundation of the South Norwalk Revitalization Plan in 1970. Today, it continues to guide The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency’s strategy. Norwalk’s industrial roots are proudly displayed in historic factories throughout our Urban Core. Brick factories hand-crafted in the golden era of the 1800s are more than local heritage, they’re an opportunity for transformation into spaces that fit our economy’s current and future needs. The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency works to ensure that the City’s 350-year-old architectural heritage is preserved as it enriches new development.

Economic Development

In addition to a booming healthcare industry, anchored by Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk is home to a wide variety of large and small businesses that contribute to the City’s vitality. These businesses create jobs, grow our tax base, attract visitors, and enable people to meet most of their needs in one place. The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency connects business owners with incentive programs and other assistance available throughout the Urban Core. We also provide Design Review to ensure that business owners seeking to improve their buildings do so in a way that fits within the surrounding urban context.

Community Development

Every year, The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency supports dozens of large and small community development initiatives and events that reflect our City’s character and enhance quality of life. These activities, which include collaborations with artists and residents around public art installations, take place in the Urban Core and throughout our many neighborhoods. Activities are funded through the City of Norwalk’s Community Development Block Grant program, which The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency administers.


The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency believes that a community’s quality of life is the sum of many factors, especially attractive and welcoming public realm where residents may connect with each other and their community. To that end, we are committed to creating a range of open spaces accessible from many neighborhoods and improving the open spaces that already exist. We organize neighborhood cleanups, provide continual streetscape maintenance, and fund the planting and ongoing care of street medians, traffic islands, hanging baskets, flower urns, and holiday decorations such as flags and wreaths.