Grow Your Business in Norwalk

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency helps build the economy in Norwalk’s Urban Core through economic development initiatives, technical assistance, and financial incentives for businesses of all sizes. Our programs are focused not only on attracting new businesses, but also on retaining and expanding existing businesses.

Beautification Efforts

Norwalk’s “Adopt A Spot” program beautifies city streets and promotes local non-profits and businesses. This program is a joint effort of Keep Norwalk Beautiful (led by the Neighborhood Improvement Coordinator) and the City of Norwalk. Organizations participating in the program take responsibility for planting and maintaining a selected traffic island. Learn how to “Adopt A Spot” by reviewing the authorization form.

Design Review

Design Review helps to ensure that changes to buildings in redevelopment plan or urban renewal areas of Norwalk’s Urban Core align with the design guidelines contained in Council-approved plans. The redevelopment and urban renewal areas of Norwalk are South Norwalk, West Avenue, Reed Putnam, and Wall Street. Businesses looking to construct a new building or renovate an existing building (including signage, lighting, and façade treatment) in these areas should contact the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency regarding Design Review. You can learn more and obtain necessary forms here.

Urban Jobs Program

The Urban Jobs Program provides real and personal property tax abatements for eligible manufacturing projects that are within Norwalk’s municipal boundaries but outside of the Enterprise Zone. The abatement benefits are identical to those provided in the Enterprise Zone, however, they are not available “by right”. The applicant must demonstrate to Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development that the availability of the benefits was an “inducement” for the applicant prior to initiating the project. Urban Jobs Program Highlights

Wall Street Stabilization Program

The Wall Street Stabilization Program provides forgivable loans to businesses located in Norwalk’s Wall Street district. The program provides up to $5 per square foot for rent per year for up to five years. The amount is reduced by 20% each year of the program and cannot exceed a total amount of $100,000  over the five-year term. Upon business stabilization, the loan is forgiven by 20% each year that the business remains in operation. Click here for the program’s brochure, guidelines and application.