Chairman’s Message

Like many cities across the United States, Norwalk has rediscovered the pleasures of urban living and is in the process of renewing its urban center. From South Norwalk to Wall Street, The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency employs the smart-growth principles of mixed-income, mixed-use, and transit-oriented development to enhance Norwalk’s vitality and diversity.

The advancement of The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency’s master, redevelopment, and neighborhood plans is inspiring. Public and private investment is going where it was targeted to go and where the community said it should go. There is clearly more work to be done and affordable housing remains a significant priority for us. The redevelopment of Washington Village and the Choice Neighborhood represent our Agency’s commitment to not only maintain but expand the number of affordable housing units in the City’s central neighborhoods.

For Baby Boomers who were born here and want to stay as well as Millennials who are drawn to our City’s urban spirit, Norwalk’s built environment is charged with a renewed optimism about its future and an enduring commitment to its historic past. Please take this opportunity to learn what is happening in Norwalk by exploring the website, then go out and discover our urban landscape for yourself.


Felix R. Serrano


Mission Statement

To improve the physical, economic and social environment of the Norwalk community by serving as the primary governmental organization dedicated to promoting commercial development, to preserving and improving the city’s housing stock within its urban geography and to securing and administering the resources required to carry out these goals.